We have a long-term manufacturing experience of aluminum extrusion products.
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Aluminum heat sink

All kinds of heat sinks, including car uses , LED, cpu, etc.


High Alloy

High strength and hardness, using in automotives, aerospace, ships ,bicycles



Mechanical parts

Every kinds of mechanical parts with various sizes from 4" to 12" , we can produce more than you can imagine!


Aluminum Forging

High endurance for automotives, aerospace, etc.


Seamless pipes

Super strong endurance for automotives, aerospace, etc.


Mechanical tracks

Every kind of tracks, using in industry designs, mechine uses ,etc.


Sporting parts

All kinds of sporting parts, with high tensile strength, it is absolutely safe in sporting uses.  


Aluminum cases

From medical instrument, Monitors to mobile phone, we can manufacture every sizes of cases.